Twitter Troll: Chris Benz Sketches, Omaha Has A Fashion Week, And Lady Gaga's Birthday Gift

ladygaga: " - Nothing like a communist-red teacup to make for the perfect Birthday gift. Last words are for fools who haven't" ...said enough. Blasted 140 character limit. And we know this tweet is from Wednesday, but...Ronald McDonald colors!
racked: "Where to get drunk and shop in the East Village this weekend:" Nothing like Odin after a few Bloody Marys. Just ask a friend to hide your credit cards beforehand.
KateRichling: " - Something pretty...Emma E. preparing for next week's preview event of Omaha Fashion Week." Flyover Fashion Forever
fiercegrandma: "Waverly Inn: Noisiest Table goes to the crew that looked like a call sheet for a Vogue Italia shoot (and probably was)" How does one differentiate between a Vogue Italia call sheet and one from Vogue Paris? We know the answer for Vogue UK.
cmbenz: Resort flat sketching all day!!! Its all about Tombo brush pens, Pilot Hi-Tecs from Japan and Rhodia notepads!" We're partial to the sketchbooks from the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble.

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