20 Time-Travel Movies We Love So Much, They Make Us Hate The Laws Of Physics

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema; Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
Confess our big crush, invest in Apple, kill Hitler, save Princess Diana — there are too many reasons to wish we could travel back and forth in time. It's pretty much a universal fantasy. At least, Hollywood makes it seem that way, if you inventory the number of time-travel movies released each year. The latest is Project Almanac, in which a teenage genius finds his missing father's plans for a time machine and builds it with his friends. They then proceed to do exactly what we'd all do if we had one of our own: play the lottery, get revenge on bullies, mess with people. And then, they discover that the ripple effects of changing the past are devastating.

Of course, we all already know about those effects, and any other paradoxes that come from time travel. Back to the Future primed us on that lesson. Not that the idea of a brief visit to a well-costumed era or a chance to fix our own wrongdoings wouldn't still be tempting. Here, we've gathered Hollywood's best time-travel movies and try to assess whether that particular dimension of movement is worth the trouble.

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