Twitter Troll: Lady Gaga Telephone Cookies, Hospital Chic, And Bee Shaffer's Twitter

cutblog: "These are great! RT @fashionrat - The infamous @ladygaga Telephone cookies." We're just waiting for the action figures.
daisylowe: "Hospital chic..." Hospital gowns as the new spring shift? A higher hemline and we could deal with it.
itsmeleighton: "Don't tell MOM the babysitter's dead RT @ClaireWinter: last night I dreamed you completed the sickest Q.E.D report. @itsmeleighton" Um, amazing. I'm right on top of that, Rose!
allplaidout: In complete agreement RT @GQdotcomThe Best Part of HBO's New Series How To Make It In America? The Theme Song We sort of liked Chris Benz's cameo last episode. And what about that on-the-money portrayal of Avenue? (wink)
iamBeeShaffer: "@refinery29 definitely will turn it down!" In response to our tweet about Bee's maybe-maybe-not reality show, that we sent, er, nearly a year ago. Yes, we took the bait.
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