3 Old-School Workouts That'll Get You Stronger Than Ever

The leotards. The high ponytails (with bangs, of course). The sweet, sweet moves. Do a quick search for '80s or '90s aerobics videos and you’re in for a good ol’ nostalgic feast. What might surprise you: Some of those exercises are actually really, really good for your body, says Sara Dimmick, CSCS, founder and lead trainer at Physical Equilibrium in NYC. “When you put these basic exercises together with minimal rest in between in a high-intensity interval format, you get both strength and cardio benefits,” she says.
The three moves ahead will take you back to both gym class and weekend mornings watching your mom bop along to her exercise videos. Put them together in the accompanying workouts (check them out on slide five) with a few bonus moves that everyone knows, and you’ll see yourself getting fitter every day. “Plus, you can do them anywhere — at the gym, outdoors, in your home, or even in a hotel room when you’re traveling — for a heart-pumping, muscle-building workout in a very short amount of time,” says Dimmick. And after a particularly tough session, recover with a MUSCLE MILK® Smoothie — made with Greek-style yogurt — to help you build lean muscle and stay energized.
Whether you also don a hot pink terry-cloth headband and blast your fave #TBT playlist is totally your call.

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