The Winter Skin Problem No One Talks About (& How To Fix It)

You don’t need Al Roker, a weather app, or an Instagram feed full of pictures of your friends’ dashboard thermometers to tell you it’s cold. Most of us can tell by how our skin looks. When the polar vortex makes an appearance, our complexions turn into a winter landscape of flakes, bumps, and cracks.
While there’s not much we can do about brutal weather conditions, we can tame our skin issues. Each area of the body has special needs, so we asked the experts how to treat winter skin from head to toe: cure dry scalps, soothe irritated eyelids, fight face flakes, heal chapped lips, get rid of cracks on our hands, smooth scaly elbows and knees, and soften crusty feet.
Read on to learn how to fight the forces of Mother Nature, one soothing ingredient at a time.

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