The Definitive Hangover Movie Guide

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
The holidays are a time for reflection, family, whatever “mirth” is, and, of course, soul-crushing hangovers. The kind that feel like a combination of every beer, bong hit, and bad decision you’ve made over the 350+ days that preceded them.
They’ll tell you the cure for a hangover is Vitamin B. Or exercise. Or generally getting your shit together. But that responsible crap is what New Years’ resolutions are for. Right now, you need Seamless, Gatorade, and an all-day movie marathon.
Choose wisely, though. The wrong movie can actually make a hangover worse. (Take Requiem for a Dream: like eating and swimming, it shouldn’t be allowed within five days of any chemical ingestion). So we’ve figured out the exact movies you should watch, depending on the precise type of hangover you have. Now, if you could only remember your ex’s Netflix password…

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