Meet The Next Generation Of Hollywood Royalty

Hollywood has no shortage of brightly shining, IMDB-dominating, insanely high-net-worth stars. They win awards, headline marquees, and are known by name the world over. But, these aren't necessarily the industry pros we find most fascinating. For us, it's the ladies still forging their paths and making every break bigger than the last that we really gravitate toward. The eight exceptionally talented women ahead are standing on the precipice of major stardom, poised to change the industry forever.
Writers, producers, directors, actors, agents, and more, they all have one thing in common: They're unstoppable. Some have launched careers from YouTube videos, while others have earned executive status in companies they’ve worked with since college. They’re each working in television and film and have helped to create some of the most memorable ensemble casts and characters, the kind that challenge preconceived notions and move entertainment into the next. Plus, they're funny. Like, pee-your-pants-a-little funny.
Since these captivating and crazy-creative ladies are skyrocketing ahead at lightning speed, we know that the best is still ahead of them. Which is great because if there's anything we love more than a success story, it's being able to say, "We knew her when…"

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