8 Things To Know This AM — Jul 14 2014

Kim Kardashian's iPhone game could make $200 million this year. Happy Monday! (The Hollywood Gossip)
Don't panic, Orange Is The New Black has not been canceled. (E! Online)
John Mayer has been tweeting out listicle ideas. He's either applying for a job at BuzzFeed or subtweeting the entire Internet. You never know with that guy. (MTV)
Rob Reiner had to show Meg Ryan how to fake an orgasm for the famous Katz's Deli scene in When Harry Met Sally. He also did it in front of his mother, who played a pivotal role in the scene. (Time)
Ariana Grande's Nickelodeon show has been officially cancelled after just one season. (Deadline)
In a unique management twist, Zappos got rid of bosses and implemented a holacracy, which is "management by committee with an emphasis on experimentation." (Vox)
Happy Bastille Day! Here's how to truly vive la France today. (Los Angeles Times)
Finally, if you already need a nap, get a load of this ingenious new invention that keeps your arms comfortably folded together when you're forced to sleep sitting up in close quarters. (Huffington Post)
kimkiphone-8things-embedPhoto: Via @kimkardashian.

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