That ’70s Hair Is Having A Moment

If you've stepped into a Zara or flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine lately, you know the 1970s are back. And we're not talking about the polyester bell-bottoms and paisley shirts you might throw on if you were dressing up for Halloween. The styles we've seen flood the market over the last couple seasons — wrap dresses, flared denim, and suede as far as the eye can see — are closer to what the women of the '70s actually wore, rather than some hyper-stylized version.
But it's not just about the clothes (as you may have guessed). In New York, Milan, Paris, and even during Miami Swim Week, we've seen classic '70s hairstyles get serious runway love, too. Ahead, find a daring cut making a comeback and easy styling tricks for those who want less of a commitment.