Jil Sander For Uniqlo Round 2, Shaq’s Big Idea, and Alber Elbaz is Scared of Bloggers

Chanel Iman is like OMG so excited for the holidays! (Fashion Gone Rogue)

Another one to cut and run over at 4TS:
's design director of four years, Danko Steiner, is leaving to pursue photography. (WWD)

Take a look inside the new Prada book to get your fill of 30 years of Miuccia's design prowess. (Frillr)
Didn't quite make it in for the Jil Sander +J line for Uniqlo? Fret not! Round two's coming at you next spring! (Fashion Week Daily)
Blah, blah, something about vampires, yay New Moon, pphhfffftttt. (FabSugar)
Giant man and non-fashion person Shaquille O'Neal is curating a gallery show in NY titled—get this—"Size DOES Matter." It gets better: The Chelsea exhibit will be full of pieces of things being really big (or really small...but maybe only because it looks that way when compared to The Big Aristotle). (ANIMAL)
"A few seasons ago I decided to have a screen in my studio, so when I did the fittings I would look at the screen. I'm really scared of bloggers, and I know this is how they judge me. But I realized that whatever looks good on screen doesn't always feel good on the body. So I decided to leave the computer -- sorry to the lady from Google [Marissa Mayer, who was in attendance] -- and I went back to trust my eyes. And that's what I do in fashion." - Alber Elbaz from Lanvin. We feel ya dude—There's something patently frightening about a 16-year-old with a computer and an attitude. (Fashionologie)

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