7/8 T-Shirts In Vogue's "Affordable T-Shirt" Roundup Cost More Than $100

We know how much work goes into creating quality clothing, which is why our shopping roundups tend to feature just as many big-ticket items as affordable pieces. But even we can't justify the choices featured in Vogue's recent "Affordable T-Shirt" list showcasing eight great shirts at eight decidedly unaffordable prices. Reads the post, "The $1,000 T-shirt has its customer, but many women wouldn’t think of spending that kind of money on a piece of cotton unless it had a round-trip ticket to Europe pinned to it—in which case it’d be considered a bargain." We're not sure when the last time we got a bargain T-shirt as a supplementary prize to go with a European vacation, and—more so—who exactly is a $1,000 T-shirt customer, because we would very much like to meet them and slap them upside the head. (Vogue)

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