8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 18 2014

Well, Katy Perry's at the top of her game in the pop biz, so it seems only natural that she would start her own record label. It's poetically called Metamorphosis Music, and she's already signed an artist named Ferras. (Variety)
Meanwhile, fans of electro-funk duo Chromeo can literally get lifted by something other than its beats now that it owns an airline. (Mallard Air)
YouTube will slowly begin removing acts like Adele and the Arctic Monkeys from its platform in certain markets because some artists aren't paying for the new streaming service that aims for an ad-free experience. (TIME)
A previously unknown Picasso painting — a portrait of a man resting his head on his hand — has been discovered underneath one of the artist's first masterpieces, The Blue Room. Now the question is: Who is he? (The Guardian)
The FBI discovered Internet slang and made a comprehensive list of "Twitter shorthand" so nothing will slip past the agents again. Whatever. HGH (haters gonna hate). (Motherboard)
If Democratic lawmakers have it their way, however, there will be no Internet fast-lane to tweet our shorthand language because connection speed shouldn't be decided with cold ,hard cash. (The Washington Post)
Remember when the American soccer coach said we'd never win a World Cup match? Yeah, well, he was wrong. And, this map of Twitter exploding after the winning goal is proof that we, the people, do care about that other football game. Or, at least the East Coast does. (Digg)
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced he will be wrapping up his two-month stint in rehab at the end of June and intends to return to office. (BBC)
katyperry_smallPhoto: Courtesy of Capitol Records.

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