8 Things to Know This AM — May 19 2014

Bad news, Morrissey fans: Moz's new Twitter account is a total #fake. (Flavorwire)
One thing that isn't fake is the latest Pentagon document detailing a bonafide zombie apocalypse defense plan. Really. (CNN)
More news from Washington: President Obama is set to announce new EPA regulations, outlining the centerpiece of his second term. But, before all of that, here's a primer. (New York Mag)
A third case of MERS has been reported. Though one infected person showed signs of having developed antibodies to fight the disease, the CDC is still warning people to remain cautious. (Chicago Tribune)
Even though the 2022 World Cup is years away, the President of FIFA has already apologized for recommending Qatar for the tournament location, citing searing Middle Eastern temperatures as a potential hazard for players. (The Telegraph)
Students from various colleges and universities across the nation are calling for trigger warnings to be included on syllabi for graphic material presented in class. (The New York Times)
Barnes & Noble bookstores might be a thing of the past. Some predict that the iconic bookseller might not last through 2015. (Focus Magazine)
In better financial news, Pinterest has surpassed everyone's expectations and now estimates that the company could be worth more than $5 billion dollars. Pin that to your Media Mogul board. (Read Write)
morr_embedPhoto: Courtesy of EMI Records.

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