8 Things To Know This AM — May 14 2014

For your moonwalking commuting pleasure, Michael Jackson's posthumous album, Xscape, is now available to stream in full over on Spotify. (Spotify)
If moonwalking isn't your thing, let Kitty Pryde's new video for "brb" soundtrack your awkward journeys through the Internet today. (YouTube)
In more music news: Questlove's fourth installment of "How Hip-Hop Failed Black America" is live. Disco, however, is not. (Vulture)
This headline has been five centuries in the making, but the remains of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria ship have reportedly been found off the coast of Haiti. (The Independent)
Old letters from Jackie Kennedy Onassis have surfaced featuring musings on her marriage to JFK and the public's reaction to his assassination. (The Irish Times)
On the galactic front: Russia has threatened to part ways with the International Space Station in light of Moscow's poor rapport with Washington. (The Guardian)
Students at Harvard's Kennedy School will now be academically required to check their privilege, which is interesting considering the lack of productive conversations surrounding the phrase recently. (Salon)
In a similar vein, this open letter to the class of 2014 urges graduates to not only check their privilege, but to check their sensitivity as well. (The Daily Beast)
8things_smallPhoto: Courtesy of MJJ Music.

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