Halloween Costume Roundup! We’ve Culled the Best From the WWW

Aah, Halloween... It's the one night when it's socially acceptable to wander the streets dressed in a full year's worth of bad internet jokes. Flocks of short-skirted floozies, sequined divas, and alarmingly accurate representations of world leaders will undoubtedly make appearances, too. But if you're still floundering over the social statement you intend to make at your formidable lineup of Halloween festivities, get inspired by this creative costume roundup. From the obscure to the blatantly obvious, these costumes will get you more coverage than a couple background cameos in your office party photos. A lot of these ideas are geared towards the guys, but stay tuned for our own suggestions for the ladies!
Monstrously Manly
Gentlemen, there's no better time to accentuate manliness than the one night you can get away with an orange diaper and handlebar mustache combo or a metal helmet and bow tie. Usually we'd say, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should," but this time we're urging you: Go for it.
Images from The Awl.
Painfully Predictable
These are the looks you'll probably see on every other trick-or-treater coming down the avenue: The beloved, deceased pop star, the beloved, scantily dressed, trend-setting pop star, and the newest blockbuster hit involving giant furry creatures.
Above, from left: Michael Jackson Costume, image from The Cut; Where the Wild Things Are, image from WTF Costumes; Lady Gaga Costume, image from The Cut.
Gruesomely Impractical
It may be more your style to kneel on one knee all night, hunch over for photos, or fit yourself seamlessly into the urban landscape, product-placement included. If so, these ideas should do the trick!
Above, from left: Vending Machine, image from Eat Me Daily; Toy Soldier, image from WTF Costumes; Headless Bride, image from Instructables.
Bonus Costumes:
If You're Part of a Couple: We suggest going as a glammed-out Taylor Swift and ego-humping Kanye West. (Metromix)
If You're a Pet: From a frightening lady-corpse to the most literal Hello Kitty you can find, here are costumes for our four-legged friends. (Huffington Post)

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