5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 23 2014

Angel Haze continues to push the genre she's made her name in with a poignant essay on homosexuality in rap. (Noisey)
Internationally, a Vice journalist has been taken hostage in Ukraine. The publication and the State Department are currently working on securing his safety. (BuzzFeed)
In tech news: Apple launched the newest version of iOS 7, hopefully to the glee of faulty-finger-identity-scan haters. (BGR)
Over here in the States, the Supreme Court upheld a Michigan bill allowing public admissions offices, like those in universities, to ban affirmative action. (Politico)
And, recent surveys have found that the American middle class is no longer the most affluent in the world — Canada's is. (The New York Times)
Bonus Talking Points:
Vulture's first of six essays exploring rap's past has Questlove exploring how hip-hop has failed black America. Well worth the read. (Vulture)
5things_angelsmallPhoto: via @AngelHaze.

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