Everything You Need To Know About Our Least Favorite S-Word

17-SUNGLASSES__172_WEB_GeordyPearsonPhotographed By Geordy Pearson.
Of all the things we hear from health experts, that whole "stress is killing you" thing is probably the most annoying — and repetitive. Yes, we get it. Stress is giving us high blood pressure, sabotaging our fitness goals, and affecting our fertility. It's pretty overwhelming to even think about trying to cut down on all the inevitable pressures and strains in our daily lives. Especially when everything from apartment decor to fried foods to Pinterest could be turning us into raw balls of frayed nerves.
Sorry, we can't stop your boss from piling on the busywork — or keep your roommate from eating all your peanut butter. We can, however, share a ton of tips to help you deal with the stress you face every day. Lucky for us, the stress-fighting ninjas at Happify created this handy series of graphics that tell you everything you need to know about our least favorite s-word. Consider the next few pages your secret tension-busting weapon — stress-ninja nunchuks, if you will.
stressinfographpage1Courtesy Of Happify.
stress infograph page 3Courtesy Of Happify.
stress infograph page 2
Happify_stress_infographicCourtesy Of Happify.

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