Never Buy The Wrong Moisturizer Again

Ah, face moisturizer. When it comes to skin care, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that this is one product we should have in our rotation. But, have you noticed that there seems to be more formulas coming out every day? Whether it's a goopy gel, your tried-and-true cream, or that fancy-looking raw oil, it's enough to make your head spin. And, you're somehow supposed to know exactly which one will be perfect for you. Uh...can we phone a friend here, please?
Well, that’s exactly what we did for you. We chatted with dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi about all things moisturizer: how to use ‘em, which ones to pick up, and which ones to avoid.
Step one? Identifying your skin tone. Tanzi says that oily skin is the easiest to figure out. “Within an hour of washing your face, you’ll notice visible oiliness,” she says. “These skin types have enlarged pores and thick, tough skin. It does not feel tight or dry after cleansing.” If you’ve got oily skin, you’ve got it pretty easy — you should be skipping moisturizer completely, especially in the summer when humidity leads to increased oil production.. “If someone has true oily skin, their skin is already producing so much oil,” Tanzi says. And, you don't want to make things worse, right?
But, before you start introducing your face cream to the trash can, here’s something to consider: Acne-prone skin isn’t the same as oily skin — a fact I was pleasantly surprised to find out. "It can be confusing because there are some people who think they have oily skin when, in fact, it's combination," Tanzi says. If you’re treating these two the same, you’re doing it wrong. Tanzi helps us figure out what the difference is, plus find the perfect moisturizer for every skin type, ahead.

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