64-Karat Waif: Irina Lazareanu Models for Tiffany & Co.

In a notable changing of the modeling guard, Tiffany & Co. has replaced their longtime poster girl, classic, silent-movie style beauty Shalom Harlow, with postmodern, edgy, rocker style Irina Lazareanu. All congratulations to the rising Lazareanu aside, her odd, outsider gamine looks are a strange match for the blue-box jewelry king. Alluring as she is, she doesn't fit the same mold of timeless beauty as Harlow and her youthful appeal does not quite match with the aging Tiffany's market. Is this a bold move forward in branding, or simply a case of miscasting. The consumers will decide. (WWD)

Above: Harlow for Tiffany & Co., Lazareanu for Anna Molinari

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