9 Adult-Approved Hair Accessories To Wear, STAT

When it comes to our skin, we're all about preserving our youth. But, unfortunately for us, our forever-young mentality has also carried over into our hair accessories of choice. We'll admit, in the privacy of our own home, we've been guilty of rocking a first-grader-style scrunchie (or two).
But, the real problem comes when our lack of hair-accessory aptitude extends beyond the confines of our own four walls — we're talkin' visible bobby bins, plastic barrettes — and we're not proud.
So, in the spirit of moving onward and upward, we've rounded up nine grown-up accessories we're more than happy to flaunt. From striking investment pieces to everyday accents, we're officially marking today as the start of our ascent into hair-accessory-induced womanhood.

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