Would You Pay $600 For A Flannel That Looks Like This?

Usually we snag great, worn-in flannel from thrift stores, or Dad's closet, when he's not looking. If that's not fancypants enough for you, here's a solution: Japanese company Anachronorm has designed a very high-quality flannel work shirt, with a few on-purpose patches to keep your man from looking too perfect. (Or sane?) What we can't decipher, though: Why on earth is it so expensive? Is it made of flannel-covered gold? Perhaps it's woven from the hair of woodland fairies? Hit the comments section below and let us know if you think this is justified, or cray-cray. We must thank Brad Bennet at man-blog, Well Spent, for making sure we didn't have to live the rest of our lives without seeing this.

Anachronorm Damaged Flannel Work Shirt, $604, available at EndClothing.

Photo: Via EndClothing.

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