6 Shockingly Cheap Summer Beauty Essentials

While we're not thrill-seekers in the traditional sense (no jumping out of planes or swimming with sharks, thank you very much), there's nothing that gets our heart rates up like scoring some rad beauty products for next to nothing. But since scanning the aisles of your local CVS can be a real bummer, we've gone ahead and done all the heavy lifting for you in our round-up of the best beauty products available on the cheap. We've got light and potent moisturizers, manicure savers, and all the self-tanner you'll ever need, so make sure you shop today's story because these need-'em-now items are as nice on the wallet as they are on the face and body!
1. Tweezerman Mini Files, $4: If you hit a snag with your manicure or need a last-minute fix before you get sandal-ready, these matchbox-sized Tweezermans in adorable patterns are your best bet!
2. Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes, $5: If you ever find yourself in need of a little mid-afternoon refresher, look no further than these cool-as-a-cuc face wipes. Just a quick little swipe and you'll feel right as rain!
3. Lollia Mini Hand Cremes, $8: We love the sweet fragrance and shea-butter goodness of Lollia's hand creams the most. With scents like Calm (vetiver and amber) or Breathe (peony and lavender) and a single-digit price tag, you really can't go wrong.
4. Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer, $3: You know you'll be hitting up a few bonfires on the beach and backyard BBQs this holiday weekend, and sinks may be scarce on the beach. So think ahead and grab this Cleanwell spray. It's small enough to tote in your pocket, 99% natural, smells delish, and, with no alcohol added, it won't dry up your paws.
5. Bigelow Rose Salve, $5: We don't know one beauty pro who doesn't have a tube or tin of Rosebud Salve on her person at all times. This sweet-smelling salve is super-versatile, and will keep your kisser hydrated, your cuticles supple, and even looks good mixed with a little eye-shadow for a dewy effect.
6. Sonia Kashuk Face and Body Self-tanner Wipes, $8: If you follow your dermo's instructions like we do, you'll be super-stoked to snag these self-tanner wipes. They're easy to apply and look natural (no Cheeto-orange glow, we promise!).

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