7 Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Shiny, healthy, shampoo-commercial hair is the Holy Grail of the beauty world — and something many women go to great lengths to achieve. We're talking supplements, oodles of styling products, and some hella scary salon treatments. But, what if some of the seemingly harmless things you do on the daily are actually sabotaging your mane?
No one actively tries to damage their hair, but turns out that some parts of our regular beauty routine are doing just that. While most of us try to avoid the stuff we know is bad, there are plenty of hair habits that seem fine, but are actually the biggest culprits of dry, damaged, dull locks.
To get the downlow on how we're inadvertently 'effing up our coiffs, we went to hair pro Stephen D. Pullan, a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in NYC, to find out what we need to do to give our follicles a fighting chance. From cleansing to styling, read on to learn which mane moves to avoid if you want Gisele-worthy locks.

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