Millennials Now Have Their Own Skin Care Line

Do women between the ages of 25 and 34 (a.k.a. "millennials") need their own special skin care line? Shiseido seems to think so, as that's the premise behind its newest skin care launch, a capsule collection called Ibuki.
The Ibuki (which translates to "inner strength") collection aims to address specific complexion-related stressors that young women face, such as late nights, not-so-great diets, high levels of stress, and environmental pollutants that exist in the urban centers in which we dwell. The science behind the products addresses skin at the cellular level, using patent-pending "Shape Memorizing Cell Technology," which allows skin cells to memorize their optimal size, shape, and alignment — therefore creating an optimal barrier to resist environmental damage.
When this super-high-tech science is combined with the line's powerful blend of botanicals, the result is a skin care line that's both naturally soothing and creates serious results, says the brand. With seven products and a handy starter kit, the line includes everything a millennial working gal needs to stay fresh, from eye cream to a super-hydrating "softening concentrate." The best part? These products are also aimed at a millenial's budget, with prices ranging from $25-$45. We love a line that speaks to our specific skin needs and our bank accounts.
Click through to check out the products, and rest assured — with skin care this talented, those all-nighters won't wreck your mug.

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