5 Time Wasters To Wrap Up Your Weekend

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Whether you've got a long drive ahead of you, or are recovering from a weekend of sun, fun, and rum, you're probably not looking forward to checking your work email just quite yet. Procrastinate a little longer with us, won't you? We've found five extremely addicting sites, games, and galleries to help you whittle away your time until you have to get back to the grind. Check out our favorite time wasters, below.
1.) Swag or No Swag
Swag or No Swag, that is the question. This delightful little time-suck of a Tumblr puts true steez to the test, letting you decide. Scroll through tons of flicks—from chicks dressed like watermelons to Lil' Wayne's new socks—and vote on who's flossin' and who's failing.
2.) Salsa-Trombone Darth Vader
Wait—before you judge us too harshly as total geeks, know that this incarnation of Darth Vader is nothing like your big brother's fave Star Wars villain and a whole lot like your Puerto Rican grampa. Seriously, the Dark Lord of the Sith has some wildly en fuego moves, sure to keep you hitting replay between gasping for breath.
3.) Anatomy of a Mashup
Ever wonder what components your favorite DJs and producers use to mix and master those killer mashups? Well, look no further. This insanely clever animated infographic breaks down the art of the mashup, pointing out all the essential elements in fun, vibrant colors and super-danceable tracks.
4.) LUCK Marriage Proposal
Are there actually men out there that think in such idealistic, romantic ways? We don't know, and frankly, we don't care! Watch one self-proclaimed "unlucky" young man navigate through life's hassles and hardships until finally setting eyes on the his other half. Be sure to have your Kleenexes (or barf bags) ready, and keep your ears open—this viral vid has a killer soundtrack.
5.) Hugging Kitten
Aww, they think they're peoples! In a mere 60 seconds of extreme gush-worthy, squeal-inducing video, we finally have proof that humans are not the only mammal in the Animal Kingdom into spooning. Watch over and over again as this mama kitty snuggles her newborn kitten and—wait for it—the baby kitten twitches! I think a birthday cake just exploded in my heart.

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