5 Places We’d Take Our Webby If We Won

We've already told you guys how psyched we were to be nominated for a Webby, and as the the race gets to the final stretch, we're pulling out all the stops to scare our pesky competitors. While we know those other sites will be thrilled to nab the prize, we'll treat our Webby extra-special. No gathering dust on an out-of-reach bookshelf for our imaginary little trophy—We plan to tote our guy to all the happening spots to grab a drink, picnic in style, and dance the night away. You know we'd be mixing it up and giving that spiral some serious street cred—just try and tell us that he isn't the hippest trophy you've ever seen. Vote for us here to give Webby a day he'll never forget. All you have to do is click here, register, (it takes some time, but so do all very important things) click on VOTE!, and find us in the Entertainment category under Fashion.
Picnic Spot: Governors Island
While the suits are stretching out in Sheep's Meadow with the rest of NYC, we're taking our silver friend to Governor's Island for some peaceful one-on-one time away from the clammy crowds. Pass the brie please.
Brunch Spot: Brown
How hip will our Webby look dining with the cool kids at our fave LES brunch spot? We'd stick him in some super skinnies and a boat-stripe top to drive all those hipster girls wild.
Photo via Dine Private
Shopping Spot: Steven Alan
Our fave designer, Monsieur Alan, will meet our new best friend and hopefully give him some styling tips too!
Photo by Piyori Becco, image via Flickr
Drink Spot: Death & Co.
We think our Webby would love to get a lil' bit dirty at this speakeasy. We'd serve him a fragrant Oaxaca old-fashioned and hope our mutual inebriation could start an insta-bond.
Image via Cocktalians.com
Dance Spot: The Wooly

The Webby won't lack for friends at our top new dance spot. He'd be the star at the annual Pink Party, especially in the little pink suspenders we've got our eye on just for him.
Photo by Piera Gelardi

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