5 Get-Skinny Secrets For An End-Of-Summer Slim-Down

The peak of summer is upon us, and, if you’re anything like us, that means you’ve still got a vacation on the schedule and some skin that needs revealing. It can also mean that with so many juicy burgers and s’mores at your fingertips, you might be feeling like your lean and mean silhouette is being challenged at every darn barbecue. But fear not, because we’ve asked L.A.’s top slim-down experts to dish on the best—and healthiest—ways to keep you looking good and feeling energized this summer. From the tastiest food delivery services, the coolest personal trainers to try now, and the best cleanses to revitalize your body and mind, these easy-to-follow slim-down secrets from SoCal’s top pros will have lightening and tightening up in no time.
What it is: Ballet Bodies on Beverly Boulevard
Why it works: Drawing on Pilates practices and ballet techniques, this new studio on Beverly Boulevard is great for quick—and lasting—results. Long, lean muscle, here we come!
What it is: Piloxing
Why it works: Celebs and exercise junkies alike can’t get enough of this new fusion fitness. Combining dance, Pilates, and boxing moves, this is an hour of sweating—and shedding—unlike any other in L.A.
What it is: Kick Ash Personal Training
Why it works: We hear wonders about this local personal trainer. Not only does Ashley Weinbach’s one-on-one training result in a body that is more fit and taught, but also her blog covers health-related topics like vitamins, green juice, and easy cleanses. Peep her videos to get a sense of her style, and we promise you’ll be signing up for her classes, stat.
What it is: Two Peas Cuisine
Why it works: If you are having issues making healthy food choices, a delivery service can be a great ally—and your best option is definitely Two Peas Cuisine. Founded by a Craig and Paola Petrella, a couple with extensive experience in fine dining restaurants and private chefs to the most health conscious and elite clientele of L.A. Two Peas prides itself on only using the freshest, locally grown ingredients, but also making meals that will satisfy the finest palates. The incredible attention to detail and customer service includes discussing any food allergies and weight loss goals, so you can work one-on-one with these culinary craftsmen to rest assured that you’re getting the most delicious—and effective—meal plan possible.
What it is: Pressed Juicery’s New Juice Truck And Smoothies
Why it works: We’re obsessed with Pressed Juicery’s tasty juices and easy-to-follow cleanses, but there’s another reason to love this L.A.-based beverage: They’ve just opened a Juice Truck that will be criss-crossing the City of Angels to bring the healthiest drinks all over town. Make sure to try one of their brand-new smoothies for a satisfying treat that tastes as good as it is for you.

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