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The Best Up-Late Eateries In S.F. — For Night Owls Only!

If there's anything we’ve mastered in S.F., it’s Food with a capital F. Eating it, making it, talking about it — no matter how you slice it, this city kills in the cuisine arena. But, one thing that leaves our stomachs grumbling is the lack of late-night options. Is it so wrong to want dinner after nine o’clock? Will the hostess judge our peckish eating habits, leaving us to forage for crumb cakes and diet soda, again?
Seriously, in our culinary-centric little town town, the soup light should always be on. So, to help night owls navigate, we’ve created an after-hours grub guide with over 100 happening joints, divvied up by 'hood. Go on, print this baby out — we promise you’ll never go hungry again!