Our Epic Guide To Fab Skin At Every Age

They say you should put your best foot forward, but we think that slogan is misleading — who's looking at your feet for a great first impression? Your face is the body part that you should be leading with. Problem is, putting your best face forward is easier said then done when everything from the environment to genetics is conspiring against you.
As you age, your skin will undergo a plethora of changes, from texture shifts to pigmentation issues. Sadly, there's no magic potion out there that can stop these changes from happening — nor do we think you should constantly be on a quest to eradicate every last sign of aging. It's impossible and you'll drive yourself bonkers trying to banish all of these "flaws."
To us, aging gracefully means taking the absolute best care of what you have, and ensuring that you're happy and confident with it. Which is why we polled three of the top skin docs in the country for their tips on how to tend to your skin now, and what you can do to maintain it as you age. From your 20s right on through to your 70s and beyond, we got the scoop on your ideal skin care routine, best practices, and most effective ingredients for ensuring you have the complexion of your dreams, at every age.
Read on for our everything guide to achieving your best skin now, and through every stage of your life.

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