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12 Chic Hats To Scoop Up For Winter And Beyond!

There's no doubt that we're unabashedly crazy about our city, but we have a bone to pick with S.F. The weather has been quite fickle as of late, sending us mixed signals all around — one minute we're shivering in our ankle booties, the next we're riding bikes breezily through the hills…not a jacket in sight.
But, regardless of how up and down the temps have been, one tried-and-true accessory is always fitting: a hot topper. Beanies, floppy hats, structured chapeaus — you name it — they all pair well with whatever kind of meteorological reading is in store. Plus, they have this magical way of elevating an ensemble to next-level status. Need proof? We've got a dozen cool caps that are making our heads spin in the best way possible.