Make It Sparkle! Win A $500 Urban Decay Shopping Spree For The Prettiest Holiday Ever

Now, as a whole, holiday parties are pretty darn awesome. You're allowed to wear velvet, the tab's already paid for, and if you're lucky, someone will feed you mini quiches without even having to move. (The dream!) But, between bumping into former bosses, co-workers whose names you've forgotten, and even that friend-of-a-friend who never called you back, as fun and 'nog-filled as they can be, they're certainly a bit treacherous. When facing people you have't seen in forever, you're going to want a certain lively glow, and trust us, positioning yourself under that string of lights isn't gonna do it.
But hey, don't fret! Fete! Since it's the season of giving, after all, we're teaming up with Urban Decay to award one winner $500 worth of seasonal beauty goodies. We're talking eyeliner kits, a rainbow of lip colors, and flawless foundations — the type of things that'll take your first impression from a simple "hello" to "woah." While one lucky gal will be toting five hundred smackers worth of freebies in her purse this holiday season, we've also got the must-know makeup tips everyone can benefit from, as well as the one product that'll replace everything you were gonna blow those gift cards on come January.
With its all-in-one combo of essential shimmers and shades, we're heavily co-signing Urban Decay's Naked Palettes for the holidays, which serve as a makeup kit you'll actually use all day and every night. Not into it? Well, for all you smokey eye grouches who may have given up on attempting the quintessential look, let makeup maestro Bethany Brill demystify the three-swipe technique in the beauty episode of our Tinseltown video series. With sultry lids like these, people will be trying to smooch you miles away from the nearest mistletoe. (Knowledge is power!)
Take your chance and enter our giveaway for your chance to glam it up on the party circuit this December. Having a mega-watt smile won't make navigating super-packed rooms any easier, but in terms of getting your office husband to think of you as more than a friend? Should do just the trick.