50 Dazzling Decor Finds, All Under $50!

Because not all of us live on extravagant Real Housewives budgets, we consider ourselves well-versed in the lingo of the low-cost life. We especially pride ourselves on scoring pieces that aren't falling-apart-at-the-seams cheap, but instead, just truly unbelievable deals.
So, on the heels of our L.A. editor bidding adieu to her swanky single pad, we've definitely got redecorating (on the cheap) on the brain. And, because the change in season might be beckoning you to upgrade your crib, as well, we've dug up 50 solid home-decor finds for less than 50 buckaroos. From chic pottery costing less than a pedi to cool curtains adding up to just under dinner for two, these keepers should have your wallet and walls singing a happy tune.

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