Dating Secrets From 9 Real NYC Dudes

Saying that dating in NYC is rough would be a bit of an understatement. There are the guys you meet and dismiss, the guys you meet and like (who don't like you), and the guys you meet, like, get tricked into thinking are normal and then BAM, you find out they have a dominatrix fetish and a collection of Beanie Babies. Okay, take that hyperbole with a grain of salt, but trust us, it's not a pretty scene.
So, we took it upon ourselves to consult with nine New York men to get all their dating secrets. Some are gay, some are straight, and two are taken (sorry ladies), but they all know a thing or two about love (and, er, other stuff) and what it takes to get there. Read on for their favorite local date spots, biggest turn-ons and turnoffs, cheesiest pickup lines, and the reassurance that there are some "Mr. Rights" out there…(hey, we almost got through this without saying it).

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