Tame Your Brows At This Beauty Bash—And It's Free!

For those of us who weren’t born with bold, beautiful Brooke Shields eyebrows, maintaining an appealing set of striking arches can be rough. Fortunately, the LOOK Boutique at Walgreens on State has got our backs and is offering free (yes, free!) eyebrow shapings on Friday as part of Ramy Cosmetics’ Eyebrow Intervention Day. An eyebrow shaping — different from an eyebrow waxing — means your brows will be sculpted using a precise technique of tweezing and trimming.
Makeup artist and legendary eyebrow guru, Ramy, abides by a “Minimal makeup, Maximum impact!” motto that has garnered him the attention of industry professionals and celebrities alike including Mariska Hargitay, Faith Hill, Naomi Watts, and Jennifer Grey (nobody puts her eyebrows in a corner). Each LOOK Boutique Brow Specialist has been trained through the Ramy line on the latest trends and brow shaping techniques to ensure that your brows are a perfectly plucked pair of happiness. We highly suggest that you turn over your most expressive asset to the experts tomorrow and give those slowly migrating brows a little free TLC that they’ve been craving.
When: Friday, June 15, from 11 to 7 p.m.
Where: Walgreens, 151 North State Street (at Randolph Street); 312-863-4249; Appointments encouraged.
Photo: Courtesy of Ramy.com

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