3 New Style Sites To Bookmark Now

If the success of sites like Polyvore and Chictopia tell us anything, it's that people want online fashion to be social. We're always keeping an eagle-eye out on developments in the online style realm, and there have been some seriously cool, big-idea fashion sites that have recently cropped up. From a personal blog run by a one-man team to a big-money news aggregator, here are three new sites that take digital-chic to the next level.
Brought to you by the former eLuxury crew, Nowness is a chic, simple site that posts an article a day on all the style-related stuff you need to know about. Users can click "Love" or "Don't Love" for each post, and The Explorer feature visually represents the most-loved topics using color-coded squares of varying sizes. With topics ranging from design, fashion, film, photography, and travel, there's something here for everyone—whether you're interested in the History of the Hermès Scarf or Ryan McGinley's new photo exhibit.
The creator of 30 Days started the blog as a social experiment. The concept? Find one new person to document their daily style choices each day for a month. It's a refreshing take on the run-of-the mill, single-user style blog (cute girl with unique look photographs her many costume changes), and we're always excited to see who could be featured next.
Styleite launched this week, and the highlight of the site is definitely its Power Grid. Along with Styleite's own judging rubric, users can also register and vote for their fave designer, model, style blogger, and even brand exec. We don't know that it'll be a game-changer—it could end up that he with the most PR flacks wins—but, if American Idol has taught us anything, people love to pipe in, and the results are all here.

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