Staycation: Hipster Brooklynites Open Up A B&B

If money wasn't a consideration, we'd have a standing Friday night reservation at the Carlyle Hotel. But, sadly, we're not Eloise, meaning our city staycations are reserved for only special occasions, and being swankypants all the time can be trying too. So, if you're looking to get away without paying an arm-and-a-leg, hipster-style, we think new downtown Brooklyn bread-and-breakfast, 3B, might provide all the R&R you need, for as little as $28 per night. Opened just a couple days ago and still in "beta" mode, the establishment is a rad, quirky respite, especially if you're looking to help support some muy talented wunderkinds. Founded by a "collective" (oh boy) of young Brooklynites who work in the arts, the spot should get your creative juices flowing—among the owners are bloggers, a kombucha brewer, a professional masseuse, and a quintilingual Icelandic graphic designer. We're optioning the movie rights now&mdashHaute Hostelry sounds about right.
For more information, room rates, and reservations, click here. The B&B is offering a 30% discount off any rooms booked now.

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