Street Style: This Girly Sweater-And-Skirt Combo Is Fit For Frolicking


Who she is: Rachael Kinsey

Where we spotted her: Hayes Valley

Why we love her: When it comes to spring dressing in San Francisco, it’s wise to head out with an extra sweater in tow. That way, when the 4 p.m. chill hits, you aren't stranded shivering in your sundress. Rachael is a gleaming example of how to sport an outfit made for mild temps. She rocked it in a cropped, tribal sweater and skirt combo. It's casual, comfy, and warm, but her style still has sass. And peep her hill-friendly boots. A woman after our own hearts. This lady has everything we want in a weekend wardrobe. And we are so ready to go out and copy it.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory