Rad Or Bad: Vent Here About Draping Jackets Over Shoulders

Never mind neon, those Prada racecar shoes, or even red lips... the thing that seems most effective in attracting the lenses of street-style photographers is wearing your jacket slung over both shoulders. When we first saw this trend, it told a pretty definite story — a harried editor rushing between shows who doesn't even have time to put her coat on all the way... it's the closest Fashion Week street style gets to poetry.
But after seeing it time and time again, the look is starting to feel affected instead of irreverent. Having once tried it ourselves, we can say it is definitely not an "effortless" styling trick — there's an uncomfortable balancing act that goes on with your shoulders, not to mention a draft that really renders the coat useless. But...it does get bonus points for looking like a superhero cape! So, would you rather give this styling trick the cold shoulder, or are you willing to take out your arms and let those sleeves flop freely? Discuss.
Photographed by Mark Iantosca