Let It Burn: First-Time Fragrance Designer Jason Wu Spills All

As with many of his designs, we were instantly charmed by our first impression of Orchid Rain, Jason Wu's first foray into the home fragrance scene. (And if you've been anywhere near our homes recently, you'll know the second, third, and eighth impressions have been just as sweet!)
Earlier this week, we joined Jason and Nest Fragrances CEO and founder Laura Slatkin for the launch of the soon-to-be-released candle, and were able to grab a hot minute with the designer who, like us, appreciates the importance of a little interior ambience. Suddenly, we've come to realize that, between an Internet-breaking Target collection and an intoxicating candle, Jason Wu might just be the man of the moment, yet again. Sorry Obamas, but this time the spotlight's all his.
How would you describe your candle?
"It smells beautiful, sophisticated, with a hint of an edge."
And what kind of notes can we expect to smell?
"Well, as clean as it smells, this fragrance is made out of this really rare breed of orchid. Most orchids don't have a smell, so to find an orchid with a really distinct smell was really important. Then we added a little hint of leather — which is such an unusual element because you don't really see leather as a scent element, but it is."
How do you think the worlds of fashion and fragrance mix?
"We need somewhere to wear the beautiful clothes to, and I think that's the most logical way in which home and fashion collide. For me, when you enter a place, it's about the smell that sets the mood and I really believe in that. And I think this [candle] will set a beautiful mood for whoever uses it."
How much were you involved in the scent-design process?
"I was very involved, every step of the way. Me and Laura worked very closely. She's pretty much a legend in the fragrance world, and working with her was pretty amazing. We did it over like three meetings and we just clicked. When it works, it works."
We're all so excited about your Target collab, and now you're releasing your first fragrance. Where else do you see more of the Jason Wu brand becoming prominent?
"I think home and beauty are definitely very important, and who knows what's next. I have a lot of ideas and it's really nice to get to design things that I don't normally design. [I get] to flex my design muscles a little bit and that makes me happy."
Well, you obviously know how to make a woman look and feel beautiful, but what about the guys? What are some of your beauty tips for men?
"Always be groomed, and...when in doubt, wear a collared shirt."

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