24 Hour Party People: Style at the Democratic National Convention

conventionstreet0826Patriots, shake off that Olympic hangover and get ready for the real races. That's right, it's convention time when delegates flock to one city from the four corners of our great nation where, as the founding fathers intended, they will drink, fight, and screw until a candidate is chosen. God bless America! Up first, the Democrats are gathering in Denver to anoint Barack Obama. While we're stuck in boring, old New York prepping for Fashion Week, the Huffington Post, thankfully, is all over the styles at the DNC.
First off, the Huffpo has suggestions on what not to wear to the convention floor. Seems Hilldog-style buttery pantsuits are out, as are Michelle Obama's jewel-toned jackets, as "quiet patriotism," is all the understated rage. We'll save our star-spangled rompers for another day. As well, they have their own street style photog on the ground taking snaps of stylish Blue Staters (who actually look more like Banana Republicans than we expected). Okay, so maybe these delegates aren't Face-Hunter worthy. But then again, would you really want the fate of the free world resting in the hands of this guy? Yeah, thought so.

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