The Simplest No-Stitch Wallet For The Minimalist In Your Life

If you really think about it, the only things you really need in your wallet are cash, your ID, and credit cards…so why does it usually look stuffed-to-the-gills like a brick? And how can you strip its contents down the the essentials?
Simply, simply, simply with Clean Everything, a new brand that condenses the wallet into its purest form. They've taken away all the pockets, the dividers, the doodads, and even the stitching to present a wallet that's made with one piece of leather a single golden button. The wallet will get prettier as it wears, and is slim enough for your dude to tuck it in his back pocket, or for you to fit into your teeniest clutch. To buy the $69 wallet, visit Clean Everything.
Photo: via Clean Everything

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