Bright On! Score Instant Ombre Tips With This Cool Temporary Hair Dye

Our desire for dip-dyed, pastel hair is still strong, especially with Halloween happening this weekend. However, we're not sure we want to commit to aqua strands for longer than a few days, which is why we're all about temporary Halloween hair color. The problem with most non-permanent dyes is that they only show up on super-blonde hair — brunettes are left with a weak tinge of color that's barely, if at all, noticeable. Lame.
Not so with this new powder dye from Australian hairstylist Kevin Murphy; Color.Bug is a super-pigmented solid powder. Just rub the compact against the strands of hair you want to turn Technicolor, and it will instantly coat them in its vibrant powder. When you're done, simply wash the color out with water. Streak multiple colors through your mane for a My Little Pony effect, or cover your strands from root to tip to mimic the powdered 'dos from Thakoon's spring '12 show. You can also keep it (relatively) simple and just dip your tips to create a punky-pastel effect.
There are only three colors available as of right now — pink, purple, and coral — but we're holding out hope for a rainbow of shades in the near future. One word of warning: The powder doesn't have great staying power (hence temporary), so it will rub off on everything. Refrain from touching your hair and definitely don't wear it with your whites, unless you want them to turn into a pastel mess by the end of the night.
Kevin Murphy Color.Bug, $20, available at Kevin Muprhy.
Photo: Via Harris Shepard PR

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