Holy (Sh*t): Here’s A Prada Cross

We wouldn't say no to raiding Madonna's late '90s closet for all those Galliano and Versace cross necklaces. Remember that trend? But when it comes to the real thing—crosses that is—we think that perhaps the best place for this religious symbol is a chapel, not the latest issue of Architectural Digest. Or, maybe not. Cutting-edge Chelsea gallery Mallick Williams & Co.'s newest exhibit, "Scripture," (the first documented collaboration between Curtis Kulig and Skullphone) will feature Skullphone's "Prada Fall/Winter 2011" that's basically a giant, three-foot-tall Prada cross. Though it looks like it's plugged into the wall, the piece is actually a Skullphone signature, a pointillist painting meant to resemble LED lights. The artist's incorporation wasn't random; Skullphone identifies Prada as "a brand that reaches the masses and yet still esoteric in's at the seam of the vulgar and educated." And, of course, Italian, especially fitting as the cross is a major symbol of Catholicism. We're not sure how well this will go down in the Texas mega-churches, but we think the Pope will dig it—it's been said that he wears Prada loafers, after all.
"Scripture," Thursday, October 6, to Tuesday, November 8, 2011; Opening reception Thursday, October 6, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Malick Williams & Co., 150 11th Avenue (near 21st Street); 212-929-4137.

Photo: Courtesy of Mallick Williams & Co.

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