Are Smoking Slippers The New Ballet Slippers?

Sorry lace-ups, sneakers, and pointed pumps… the flat footwear of choice for fashionable women has been ballet slippers for the past few years. Is this the end of its reign though? WWD reports that smoking slippers, as opposed to any other style of flat shoe (including the super-popular menswear inspired brogues, monk shoes, and loafers), are performing the strongest across a range of retailers. And it's not like you have to look towards Louboutin or Stubbs for the hottest pair… affordable brands like Dolce Vita and Sam Edelman have this season's most coveted slipper styles. What say you? Will you be trading in your ballet flats for the new smoking slipper? (WWD)
Topshop Manney Suede Slipper, $60, available at Topshop

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