Beer For Girls Comes In A Purse, Wearing A Dress

Chick Beer is the first booze that might make your head spin before you even ingest anything. The beverage's founder, Shazz Lewis, realized one day that there were no beers geared towards women, so she decided to create some boozes that are "fun and sexy" by putting it in a purse-like box and dressing the bottles in little black dresses. Don't get us wrong, in general we don't think the concept behind Chick Beer was that bad—in fact, if you wanted to make a beer geared towards R29, you could throw a few IPAs in a PS1 bag and we'd be happy campers. But from the curly MS Word font you might remember from your middle school dance flyers to the fact that the beer is apparently more attractive to women by being less bitter and "burpless" from reduced carbonation, we think the product unfortunately reeks of belittling. (The Hairpin)

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