So Long, Summer: The Fall Equinox Signals A Fresh Start

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The summer sun is beginning to wane, making the days shorter and the nights longer. But before it commits to an ever-earlier sunset, the fall equinox provides an equal amount of day and evening light to help us take baby steps into the changing season ahead of winter’s darker days. 
On Thursday, September 22, at 9:04 p.m. ET, the fall equinox occurs as the sun enters the air sign Libra. It’s the beginning of autumn, marking a fresh start for many. So, take your sweaters out of storage, order a pumpkin spice latte, jump in a pile of leaves, plan for Oktoberfest, and stock up on Halloween decor. Before you know it, these activities will be an essential part of our day-to-day vibe. 
Though the fall equinox marks a moment of seasonal change, it’s so much more than a sign of cooler weather to come. In fact, it’s also called “the witches’ Thanksgiving,” as it aligns with the ancient Celtic holiday and the Sabbat celebrated by Wiccans called Mabon. At this time, witches celebrate the recent harvest (the current one occurred during the full moon on September 10) and the abundance that’s coming our way. Wiccans pay tribute to the Earth by honoring all the bounty, food, and life it provides. This can mean exploring nature, cooking foods from the harvest for family and friends, taking a few moments to reflect and rest, planting seeds for the future (both the harvest and self), and embracing the circle of life. 
Reconnecting with loved ones is a quarter of the fall equinox. Check in with people from the past and say “hi” to old ghosts. You may find that you’re longing for a deep connection with your family, which is why it’s a good idea to share stories from your ancestors and create a family tree or scrapbook. Strengthening familial roots will make you feel grounded and aligned with others that share the same lineage as you. 
The fall equinox is a spiritually potent time, especially since the veil between realms is thinner than usual. We can connect with spirits and receive psychic downloads from them (particularly when we are sleeping). We can align and find our innermost passions — but only if we are honest with our aspirations. 
Several hours after the equinox, the Libra sun and Mercury retrograde align in an astrological aspect called Cazimi (which means “the heart of the sun”), giving us concise insights into situations and relationships. For the first time since the retrograde began on September 9, we are able to make clear decisions and plan our future. Then, on September 25, the Libra new moon occurs, offering us a fresh start in Venusian matters such as love and money. It’s an amazing week for setting intentions and manifesting goals — don’t be afraid to dream big now!
The takeaway from the changing of seasons is to embrace freshness and newness. We have the fair opportunity to reflect upon the past during this seasonal shift and to change up our lives for the better. Mercury retrograde and the new moon are giving us the opportunity to revise our personal narratives. If something isn’t working, we can release it and move towards a better situation. The more we hold onto the past, the less we can grow and evolve (two of the main key astrological themes of 2022). It’s never too late to revise our personal story. The future is unwritten.
Make a list of your goals and hopes during the equinox, as you can manifest them by setting the intention now. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, then you can go outside into nature and meditate on your desires under an apple tree alongside the ever-changing leaves.

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