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Are We Ready To Be Inside Inside? Here Are Team Unbothered’s Fall Home Must-Haves

Listen, it’s time to face the facts: September is here, and fall is upon us. Sure, the season doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, but depending on where you live, the chill is already in the air, and the leaves are already gaining that gorgeous autumn-induced melanin. After a summer of being outside-outside again, we’re all going to have to recalibrate — mentally, socially, physically — to the reality of retreating back into our homes, firing up our latest binge watch, and settling in to escape the cold.
Since our homes are also our workspaces (yes, we’re still working from home), we know that it’s essential to stock up on certain necessities. But when it comes to extending that soft-girl summer energy into a slow-and-steady fall, the essentials look different for everyone: some may crave new and shiny school supplies while others are stocking up on items for hibernation and Netflix and chill. 
Our team is adjusting just like everyone else to the incoming sweater weather and pumpkin spice season (allegedly — we rebuke the Christian Girl Autumn aesthetic because that’s white business). Whatever your fall vibe, we got you covered. So here are Team Unbothered’s fall home must-haves. 

Wool-Blend Cardigan 

“Fall brings cooler weather, and for a person like me who is perpetually cold, that means layers on layers on layers. At home, I'm always reaching for one of my oversized cozy wool-blend cardigans to keep me warm (and cute) when the temperature drops. Get it in an essential neutral like black or cream, or go wild with a bolder color — anything goes as long as you're not cold in your own house.” - Ineye Komonibo, Culture Critic

Scented Candles

“When fall comes around, I know that means it’s time to re-up on my favorite candles. The cooler weather means I’ll be inside much more, and that means I want my home to smell as cozy as possible. I’m not a candle snob and am always trying out new brands and scents - it’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall.” - Alexis Jackson, Deputy Director, Social

Stocked Bar Cart

“You know how I get through the temperature dropping in Toronto? Alcohol. Lots of it. I’m only slightly kidding, but when the weather cools off, it’s whiskey time baby. Investing in a bar cart is one of the more bougie and adult things I’ve ever done, and even though owning a gold-accented cart with the sole purpose of displaying my copious amount of wine, tequila, vodka, and – of course – whiskey (we need options, OK?) may seem obnoxious in theory, in practice it isn’t just a booze bag on wheels, it’s a purveyor of joy packed with libations of liberation, and an escape from the reminder that a Canadian winter is coming.” - Kathleen Newman-Bremang, Deputy Director, Global

Cozy Knit Throw Blanket

“My go-to fall home item has to be a throw blanket for the couch. It's perfect for those cozy nights in, and it makes for a beautiful decor piece.” - Sandy Pierre, Branded Execution Manager

Weighted Blanket

“My home essential is 1000% my weighted blanket. I got it in 2020 when I, like the rest of the world, had insomnia. Even though I have less trouble sleeping now, it's still part of my routine, and I genuinely miss it when I go on trips.” - Rissa Papillion, Producer

Milk Frother For At-Home Coffee

“Oh, I get so basic when autumn comes around, and I embrace all the fall clichés. And I’m here to represent the Black gurls who too enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte when the season changes (complete with an Instagram post of me holding a cute coffee cup in hand, against a backdrop of Autumn leaves). I keep the seasonal hot drinks coming at home with a Nespresso milk frother, so I can practice my coffee art and avoid inflated coffee shop prices. It’s one of those unnecessary but VERY necessary kitchen items — once you get one you can never go back to just regular ol’ coffee. Think of the aesthetics!” - L’Oreal Blackett, UK Editor

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