The Full Moon In Aquarius Wants You To Practice Forgiveness

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August 11’s Sturgeon full moon is the last supermoon of 2022 (the other three occurred on May 16, June 14, and July 13). This means that the emotional energy will be more intense than usual, due to the moon being perigee: Its close proximity to the earth makes us feel the lunar potency more as the moon appears bigger and brighter. 
When a full moon occurs, the sun and the moon are in direct opposition. The earth is positioned between the sun and the moon, allowing the sun to light up the moon and cast its glow onto earth. Essentially, these three celestial beings line up and bounce energy off each other to illuminate the solar system.
Magically and astrologically, full moons are a time of rest and release. Being in the last phase of the lunar cycle means that we are choosing to evolve past the current tides and meditate on how we can heal collectively. It’s also a moment of realization and truth. The moon’s gleam allows us earthlings to be more aware of our surroundings, embrace our intuition, and see matters from a clearer perspective. The monthly visibility that we receive from the cosmos gives us ample chances to make decisions that can better our lives.
On August 11 at 6:36 p.m. PST and 9:36 p.m. EST, the Sturgeon moon in Aquarius rises. Traditionally, this is a time in which the namesake fish was captured in Lake Champlain and the Great Lakes. However, this year, it marks a time of autonomy and independence. 
A full moon in Aquarius offers us the chance to see how the collective can rise up and implement radical change. The water-bearer (the symbol of the sign Aquarius) is a humanitarian, as they’re always working hard to help others survive and thrive. With the moon in humane and charitable Aquarius, we’ll want to do our best to help humankind. Being that it opposes the Leo sun, which is known for egotism and dramatic expressions of the heart, we will have to strive for a middle ground to balance out these juxtaposing energies. This could lead to many preaching on their soapboxes — which, depending on the cause they adhere to, may not be so bad. But this opposition relates specifically to how we can find our place in the world through charitable endeavors. After all, Aquarius and Leo find satisfaction in giving to others.
Saturn retrograde and Uranus connect with the rebellious Aquarius moon, creating a revolutionary and altruistic sentiment. This component of the Sturgeon full moon is bringing us back to 2021, when Saturn and Uranus clashed in the sky on February 14, June 14, and December 24. These dates triggered “The Great Resignation,” protests, and major division amongst the citizens of the United States.
The caveat is that Saturn is retrograde during this lunation, making it more of a reflective time. We will all take note of how far we have come and how much more work there is to do in the world. We can no longer turn a temporary blind eye to all these issues. We must take a stand and fight for the future — particularly when it comes to women’s rights, due to the recent Supreme Court events in which Roe v. Wade was overturned.
It may seem as though there is a lot of pressure weighing on us to transform the universe. The truth is that it’s simpler than we know. As we are asked to define and align with our moral obligations through Saturn, we will band together under the guise of Uranus and connect to our global community. 
When it comes to matters on a personal level, it’s essential for people to give others the benefit of the doubt and practice forgiveness. More importantly, we need to give ourselves one more chance to believe in the goodness of others. This marks a good start towards mending and healing the pain and trauma that we’re all experiencing at this moment in time. Paradigm shifts, compassion, justice, and ethics are themes that we may also experience during the supermoon. 
Together, we can create the society we want and manifest the rights we deserve as human beings. How will you use the energy to make a better world for yourself and others? Think about these questions under the illumination of the full moon. We have the power to transform the universe. Let’s do it.

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