Outer Banks Season 2 Is Giving Fans An Eerie Sense Of Déjà Vu

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
A lot has happened since Outer Banks' dramatic season 1 finale last April — an election, a vaccine, and a ton of toothache-inducing sweet Madelyn Cline x Chase Stokes content. But ever since the Pogues returned to our screens for season 2, a lot of fans have been feeling an unsettling amount of déjà vu.
Last year, when fans were first captivated by the story of Netflix's treasure-hunting teenagers on North Carolina's seafront, many in the U.S. had only just begun quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was easy to truly get lost in and transported by a show as real life became increasingly stagnant and difficult to face. Now, of course, we're in many ways far ahead of where we were back then. But as the threat of the Delta variant increases every day, some feel an eerie sense that history is repeating itself.
Coincidence? Yes. Definitely.
But still, fans are joking (*nervous laughter* — they are joking, right?) that the correlation between the series and the rise of COVID in its various forms is some greater conspiracy.
But even the cast members themselves have been reflecting on the weird passage of time since the show first aired. In a recent video interview with Vogue, Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron on the show, explained that because OBX dropped during quarantine, they could only really get a sense of what the show's reception was like through the internet.
"We could only really gauge how it was going through social media," Cline said. "People were posting about it on TikTok... It was so funny, I'd be scrolling through my "For You" page, and there would just be videos about Outer Banks and characters. Same with the "Discovery" page on Instagram, and people posting memes about it. We were all quarantined in my apartment." She and co-star slash boyfriend Stokes (who plays John B.), then detailed watching the opening credits of the show together at Cline's place, noting how surreal it all was.
So...about that season 3.

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