Jordan Peele’s Next Horror Flick Is A Must-See & We Know Next To Nothing About It

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Jordan Peele’s mission to haunt your dreams and turn your favorite songs into nightmare fuel continues with the announcement of his forthcoming horror movie. As more details about the film’s cast are released, you might be fooled into thinking that the next Peele project may be somewhat less terrifying, but stay woke — this might be his scariest venture yet.
After the undeniable success of films like Get Out and Us, Peele has solidified himself as an expert in all things horror, and the first look at his next stab at the genre hints that he fully plans to keep the spooky vibes going. On Thursday, July 22, the comedian-turned-filmmaker revealed the official poster for his next film simply titled Nope — which is, coincidentally, the exact phrase I’ll inevitably utter whenever the first trailer drops before proceeding to purchase my ticket at the nearest movie theater.
From the poster for Nope, it’s hard to glean exactly what we might be walking into; the released image shows a calm but foreboding scene of a dark, cloudy night over a local area. But from the look of one particular troubling cloud with a kite tail coming out of it and Peele’s sole cloud emoji captioning the poster, I’m thinking that the cloud might be the main source of terror this time around. (Or maybe not. You really never know with this guy.)
What we can confirm about Nope, however, is its star-studded cast, some of whom are no stranger to the horror genre. Monkeypaw Productions alum Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) will star in the film alongside Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Keke Palmer (Scream: The TV Series) in undisclosed lead roles. Also joining the cast are Barbie Ferreira, Michael Wincott and Brandon Perea. 
No details about the film’s actual plot have been made public, which is undoubtedly lending to the excitement and sheer terror surrounding it; given Peele’s filmography, we know that we can trust him to scare us shitless while also making us think a little deeper about the nuances of life. Unfortunately, our nerves will only get more frazzled as we await new information about Nope before its summer 2022 release, giving us ample time to come up with the worst case scenario for this undoubtedly freaky flick.
Killer storm? Sentient cloud? We've got a whole year of theorizing ahead of us.

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